Episcia Basil Seeds in Glass Mug


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@TODO Réf. 815665

Espicia is a line of garden tools that is both convenient and ideal to help you take care of your plants. @TODO Dimensions & Composition

@TODO Dimensions

@TODO Largeur
@TODO 10 cm
@TODO Longueur
@TODO 7 cm
@TODO Hauteur
@TODO 13 cm
@TODO Autres dimensions
L.7 x W.10 x H.13 cm
@TODO Nombre de colis
@TODO Poids total des colis
@TODO 11 kg
Parcel Lenght Height Width Weight
1 x Parcel 1 35 cm 30 cm 35 cm 0.46 kg

@TODO Descriptif du produit

Basil Seeds in Glass Mug
Basil Seeds in Glass Mug
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