Metropolitain Large plate, 26 cm (Lot de 6)


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Réf. 916806

A metropolitan re-release from 1987-1988. This service initially completed the collections of furniture and objects representative of the chic noir period launched by Habitat in the mid-1980s, thus creating refined and affordable tables with a very urban feel. Sober, classic and timeless, this service is re-released in porcelain with edges adorned with a black and silver motif. Dimensions & Composition


26 cm
Autres dimensions
D.26 cm
Nombre de colis
Poids total des colis
0.73 kg
Colis Longueur Hauteur Largeur Poids
1 x Colis 1 37 cm 30 cm 30 cm 0.73 kg

Descriptif du produit

In porcelain
 Large plate, 26 cm
 Large plate, 26 cm
 Large plate, 26 cm
 Large plate, 26 cm