Folding Canvas Laundry basket


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Réf. 983135

The Folding laundry basket plays into the hands of beautiful materials. The marriage of oak and cotton can be particularly appreciated for softness and permits use by you just as well in the bathroom as in the room. The folding structure facilitates that the removable basket has been thought about to make this laundry basket as much aesthetic as practical. Dimensions & Composition


37 cm
58 cm
Autres dimensions
L.58 x W.37 cm
Nombre de colis
Poids total des colis
1.20 kg
Colis Longueur Hauteur Largeur Poids
1 x Colis 1 63 cm 7 cm 59 cm 1.2 kg

Descriptif du produit

Laundry basket 100% cotton with folding oak structure
Laundry basket