Thierry Marx Mixing bowl

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There is something simple and timeless about this line of utensils that Thierry Marx, chef of the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, created in collaboration with the Habitat design studio. The idea for this collection, manufactured and produced exclusively by Habitat, is based on a philosophy that pays tribute to the essence of things: designing utensils for a universal kitchen, guaranteeing the mastery of heat and time, and offering tools that simply allow you to cook well... Here we have a small mixing bowl in silicone and steel, materials that will make your cooking easier. Dimensions & Composition


20 cm
20 cm
11 cm
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0.48 kg
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1 x Colis 1 42 cm 24 cm 22 cm 0.48 kg

Descriptif du produit

Stainless steel and silicone Thierry Marx mixing bowl. Dishwasher safe.
Mixing bowl
Mixing bowl
Mixing bowl
Mixing bowl
Mixing bowl