Ressorts Hightech 360 Spring mattress, width 21 cm, 140x200cm - firm support


Dimensions : L.200 x H.21 x D.140 cm
  • Reference : 808787
  • Material: High resistance foam
  • Type of fabric : Cotton
  • Color : White
  • Size: 140x200cm

Thanks to the new High Tech spring mattresses, all preconceptions about sprung mattresses- that you can feel the framework after a few years' use- go out of the window. Each spring is enclosed in a fabric pouch that eliminates noise and guarantees progressive support, point by point. The ventilation is not altered and motion transfer prevention is guaranteed. High Tech mattresses adapt to your body shape, targeting seven comfort zones.

Finally, because quality is not something to be left to chance, the entire bedding range has a focus on on high-end products, produced in Belgium using traditional techniques by manufacturers at the cutting edge of technology who respect traditional upholstery methods.

Who is it for?

Ideal for couples and people who move a lot at night.

Number of springs: 280/m2

Mattress depth: 20 cm

Support: Firm

Cushioning: Medium-firm

Gamme Ressorts Hightech 360

More details

Mattress with a thickness of 21 cm. Cushioning: 250 g/m² cotton wadding and HR foam density of 40 kg/m³. Number of springs: 280/m². The support is firm and the cushioning is firm. This mattress has 7 comfort zones. Made in Belgium.

Parcels dimensions and weight

Parcel Lenght Height Width Weight
1 x Parcel 1 140 cm 21 cm 200 cm 13 kg
This item is recyclable.

Ressorts Hightech 360 Spring mattress, width 21 cm, 140x200cm - firm support


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