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A collection of exclusive photo prints: "A look at the world as it really is". A Crystal Galerie, AFP & Habitat partnership. DESCRIPTION OF THE PRINT: Dance of the starlings in migration.
A a murmuration of starlings near Rahat, in the north of the Negev desert, 2 February 2015. Every year during the winter in Europe, a half-billion birds migrate here, to Israel. Among them, starlings are unique. They move in flocks of dozens - even hundreds - of thousands of individual birds. If you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you can witness their extraordinary choreography at sunset. © MENAHEM KAHANA /AFP @TODO Dimensions & Composition

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@TODO 80 cm
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@TODO 60 cm
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L.80 x H.60 cm
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@TODO 20 kg
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In partnership with Crystal Galerie, photo archive distributor for Agence France Presse, one of the world's leading press agencies, Habitat has created a collection of unique images selected from over 20 million photographs. Never before released to the general public, they "show the world as it is", unedited. A story, place or key moment in world events hides behind each image... When photojournalism becomes art photography. Exclusive Collection "A look at the world as it really is". Archives from Agence France Presse
STARLINGS photo print 60X80
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