Since 1964,

Habitat has been transforming living space design, combining inspiration with the creation of beautiful interiors. On May 11, 1964, Terence Conran, a young furniture designer and restorer, opened the first Habitat store in Fulham Road, London. His ambition was to modernize British furniture by offering contemporary design at affordable prices.

Since its inception, Habitat has emphasized style and launched new trends, attracting personalities such as Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy and Peter Sellers. In 1969, Habitat opened a further nine stores in the UK and one in Canada, with a mail order catalog as well.


Launched in 1966,

the habitat catalog rapidly became a standard for interior design, foreshadowing the arrival of the magazines of the 90s, and giving readers ideas for decoration and accessories for their homes. Habitat owes its success to the eclecticism of its range of original products from around the world.

After first establishing itself in Fulham Road, the store moved to Tottenham Court Road in 1966, near Heal's, its high-end competitor. From the 70s onwards, the names of Terence Conran and Habitat were associated with interior design. The brand broadened to include the general public and grew rapidly, anticipating trends. In 1973, the company opened its first French store in Paris, in the Montparnasse district. For the next two decades, Habitat continued to expand in Europe, with further establishments in France, Spain and Germany.


In 1992,

Habitat joined the Ikano Group, founded by Ingvar Kamprad. During this period, the Swedish Kamprad family recruited new talent, such as Vittorio Radice, and consolidated the position of Habitat in the market for furniture and interior design. In 1998, furniture designer Tom Dixon was appointed head of design. Under his leadership, the company has consolidated its reputation for design and innovation. After the departure of Tom Dixon, Theo Williams became head of the Habitat design studio. With modernity and boldness, his aim was to develop products in line with the values dear to Habitat, « Beautiful, useful, and accessible since 1964 ».


Habitat has joined the CAFOM group. Founded by Hervé Giaoui, CAFOM is an independent French group in the retail sector, specializing in home improvement. Today, the goal of the brand is to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to furnish and decorate their interiors with ever more innovative, modern and functional articles, in order to create a personal world for each individual.

The young French designer Pierre Favresse has been appointed artistic director of the Habitat brand. Leading a team of six designers and collaboration with external partners, his intention is now to focus on creation, desire and youthfulness to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of interior design.


More than ever, and without compromising the criteria of quality on which the reputation of the brand is based, or its policy of affordable prices, Habitat’s aim is to offer:

  • useful products for all – articles and furniture that everybody needs;
  • products that its customers will love, simply because they make their interior living more pleasant;
  • exceptional designs, to build a home like no other.

Above all, Habitat means an art of living accessible for everyone.

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